Teaching Statement

What is my approach to teaching? You can read it in my Teaching Statement.

Courses at Escuela de Gobierno (Guatemala)


Development Strategies (2014-2018). I adopt a case study approach to teach economic development.

Extended syllabus in Spanish Development Strategies - Syllabus

Courses at George Mason University (USA) at Honors College


Culture and Society: Technology and How it Changes the Economy. HNRS 353-006. Fall 2018. Honors College.

Invited Lecturer

Culture and Society: Infrastructure. Several classes. Support with syllabus updates. Instructor: Jonathan Gifford (2018)

Here are the modifications introduced to the syllabus for the second half of the semester.

Courses at George Mason University (USA) at Schar School of Government and Policy

Invited Lecturer

Macroeconomic Policy in the Global Economy. Instructor: Kenneth Button (2016, 2017)

Teacher Assistant

Classes on Transportation and Public-Private Partnership. Instructor: Jonathan Gifford (2015-2017)


Math Camp (with Lokesh Dani ), Spring 2014

Courses at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala) at Facultad de Ciencias Económicas


Economics 101 and Seminars on Economic Topics (2007-2009, 2012)

Courses at Universidad Rafael Landívar (Guatemala) at Facultad de Ingeniería


Economics 101 (2007-2008)