Op-Eds on Political Economy

"La Plaza" as a Right

Plaza Pública. June 4th 2018. Guatemalans should pay closer attention to what is happening in Nicaragua and support the struggle of its population. We were able to peacefully protest for changes to our political system. They have not been able to do so, being violently attacked by its own government.

Guatemala as a puzzle

Plaza Pública. May 21st 2018. Guatemala development challenges are like a puzzle. It is not like a fairy tale where showing at the right time and at the right place will help you magically solve everything. Hence, we need to work hard and for a long time.

New Rights in Guatemala

Plaza Pública. May 5th 2018. Guatemala is seeing the creation of new right-wing movements, after the cohesion created by the anti-communist struggle has been superseded. Guatemala needs these new types of right-wing movements to promote economic development. They will succeed if they can promote clear policy guidelines to move the country out of its current deterioration and by overcoming the fear and trauma from the past.

Beyond Unproductive Confrontations

Plaza Pública. March 9th, 2018. Left-wing and right-wing analysts in Guatemala have been attacking my articles, preferring to use ad-hominem attacks rather than focusing on questioning my arguments and evidence. Here I answer one recent attacks while I try to promote an improvement in how we debate ideas in the country.

Attempting to introduce policy reforms in Guatemala. Juan Alberto o el (intento de ser) reformador (en Guate)

Plaza Pública. February 15, 2018. The possibilities for policy reform in Guatemala are diminishing: reformers are either destined to face jail time after attempting to achieve political negotiations or face the certain death of their project.

Pig in a Poke: Statistics Bureau (El INE: gato por liebre)

Plaza Pública. November 04, 2017. On the need to increase transparency in the methods followed and the data disclosed by the Guatemalan Statistics Bureau (INE), considering inconsistencies found in food prices.

The old conservative right is dying and new rights are blooming (La vieja derecha agoniza, las nuevas derechas se multiplican)

Plaza Pública. August 29, 2015. This short essay explores the blooming of New Right movements while the conservative right is experiencing fragmentation.

The Fight (La Lucha)

Plaza Pública. September 09 and August 28, 2017. Guatemalans want more and better public services. These two articles on the need to move beyond fighting corruption and to start promoting reforms to prevent corruption and strengthen Guatemalan government. Four specific proposals are discussed.

The economy in the time of anti corruption fight. (La economía en tiempos de la CICIG)

Plaza Pública. July 04th, 2016. Fighting corruption is not enough for countries like Guatemala. An explicit effort to build institutions, improve public service provisions, and reactivate the economy needs to be key items in the agenda.

Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle (El Plan de la Prosperidad)

Plaza Pública. May 09th, 2016. Is the Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle, involving the United States, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, design to promote development or will it continue promoting illegal immigration? It appears its current design favors illegal immigration.