Op-Eds on Macroeconomic Policies

An open letter to the incoming President of the Central Bank

Plaza Pública. September 2018. The incoming President of the Central Bank should promote a discussion on the exchange rate policy.

It not just the inflation

Plaza Pública. July 16th 2018. Guatemalan inflation has been under control since 1992. However, Guatemalan Central bank constitutional goal is not only to focus on inflation but to strengthen savings. However, savings have been decreasing in the country.

El FMI analiza Guatemala

Plaza Pública. June 18th 2018. The IMF recently conducted their article IV analysis of Guatemala. Its economists also wrote background papers that Guatemalans should read and assess. I particularly find useful their labor market analysis. However, we should be skeptical regarding their analysis on inflation and investment.

VAT, Exchange Rate and Minimum Wage (IVA, Tipo de Cambio y Salario Mínimo)

Plaza Pública. February 12, 2018. We are running around in circles: economic obstacles to growth that were a concern back in 2003 are still a concern today: VAT devolution to exporters, unfavorable exchange rate, and high minimum wages.

Let´s Reform the Value Added Tax on Exports (Reformemos el IVA a las exportaciones)

Plaza Pública. January 27, 2018. On the need to promote a tax reform in Guatemala to eliminate provisions in the current scheme that promotes corruption.

Pig in a Poke: Statistics Bureau (El INE: gato por liebre)

Plaza Pública. November 04, 2017. On the need to increase transparency in the methods followed and the data disclosed by the Guatemalan Statistics Bureau (INE), considering inconsistencies found in food prices.

The other problem of food prices (El otro problema de los precios de los alimentos)

Plaza Pública. October 23, 2017. On the need to improve transpotation infrastructure and services to diminish food prices in Guatemala.

We are mismeasuring food inflation (No medimos bien la inflación de los precios de los alimentos)

Plaza Pública. October 07, 2017. On the need to conduct an in-depth analysis of food inflation in Guatemala due to data inconsistencis in what the Statistics Bureau (INE) is publishing.

Guatemala vs Panama (Guatemala versus Panamá)

Plaza Pública. August 29th, 2016. Both countries are receiving massive injections of foreign resources. Guatemala as remittances. Panama as foreign direct investment (FDI). The impact is clearly different with Panama´s growth picking up because they´re leveraging those resources to promote infrastructure and new businesses.